Below-Grade Waterproofing and Water Control

It is pretty weird to dig a big hole and drop a building into it.  A one story house with a basement is really a two story house that you dropped into the ground burying one story.  Think about it…now you have to make the part in the ground strong enough to keep the dirt out.  Even more difficult you have to keep the water out.  Oh yeah, you also have to keep the soil gas out.  It is kind of dumb to try to install windows.  What are you going to look at?  Worms?  So you surround the windows with vertical shafts in an attempt to connect them to daylight….my definition of being shafted.  Guess what?  It is much less expensive to build on top of the ground rather than build in the ground. Wherever we can build on top of the ground we build on top of the ground.  So why do we dig down? 

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