Research, Development and Demonstration

Building Science Corporation has conducted extensive research in building science and material science, with particular focus on the flow of air and moisture through wall and roof assemblies.  Most of this research is published on our website and is often a result of collaboration with universities, other research firms, materials manufacturers, and the U.S. Department of Energy.  BSC conducts research both in the field and in laboratory settings.  Examples of research projects include:

  • Adhesion and exposure testing for tapes, membranes and mastics,
  • Establishing boundary conditions for hygrothermal simulations based on controlled studies of real wall assemblies,
  • Determining the impact of installing multiple types of air barriers and vapor retarders in the wrong place within wall and roof assemblies, and
  • Understanding hygric redistribution in various building materials

With prodigious technical knowledge and experience in the building industry, BSC can provide insight into new product design and new applications for existing building materials or systems, as well as recommendations to research teams with respect to instrumentation, monitoring and analysis.

Research, Development and Demonstration: Projects