Christopher Schumacher

Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc.
RDH Building Science Laboratories

Chris Schumacher is recognized as an expert in the field of building monitoring, as well as enclosure and building systems testing. He has led the design, installation and analysis of monitoring systems for a variety of research programs and demonstration projects, both in the lab and in field locations around the globe. Chris' formal education in architecture and engineering is balanced by almost two decades of experience in design, computer simulation, physical testing, and forensic investigation.

At RDH, Chris regularly conducts field investigations and large-scale retrofit assessments. He has a special interest in historical buildings and has consulted on many projects for universities and other ICI facilities. He also oversees much of the work done through RDH's research division, RDH Building Science Laboratories. He has extensive experience in product testing and development and thrives on the challenge of inventing novel solutions to client and industry questions. On, he has shared his expertise in Building Science Digests and numerous Research Reports.