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Houston, TX

A Duct Blaster is really cool but do we really need it? If it’s in conditioned space should I strive for leaky duct work? If I stick my ducts in hot / humid attics how tight is tight and is it really possible? Why doesn’t the code book have a maximum amount of leakage allowed when using the Performance Compliance Path? What are the keys to passing this test? Blower Door Testing is a nice idea but what is it really telling me? What part of the year is it when I can expect a 20 mph wind to blow on all 4 exterior walls and the roof all at the same time? Does that really happen? Explain this test and how it works. 5 ACH or 3 ACH: What are the pros and cons of these 2 numbers and where did these come from? Sure this is what the code book guys come up with but how does a house really work under “Normal” conditions? If I have a 4 ACH house will it really lose 4 times the house volume every hour? So is “0 ACH” is the best can I get there? What are some of the unintended consequences you have seen from tight homes in hot / humid climates? Can we fix those things?

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