Greater Houston Home Builders Association

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Houston, TX

This 2 hour discussion can cover the basics of the issue. What is Relative Humidity? How does it act in nature and how does it act in a house. How do we build to manage this stuff? Why has this become such a big issue? “I didn’t have these problems 10 years ago!” Everything is sweating: A/C systems in the attic, the ducts in the attic, the registers on the ceiling, exhaust fan ducts drip in the bathrooms, hood vents ooze with condensation in the kitchen, the metal drum in dryers get a pool of condensation in them, and we can even touch on vinyl flooring and how mold is getting into raised floor systems. Why do home owners insist on having their thermostat set at 68 degrees at night and how does that affect all the things noted above? If homeowners are screwing up their homes by chilling them down – how do we build houses to not condensate all over the place?

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