U.S. Courthouse

Services Provided
Upstate New York

BSC was retained by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to review as-built conditions and assess the hygrothermal performance of the precast exterior assembly for this 260,000 sq. ft. courthouse following several instances of moisture problems during the first winter. The WUFI hygrothermal computer simulation model was used to assess condensation potential of the as-built enclosure assemblies. Through review of the project documents and a site investigation, BSC was able to identify air leakage from the interior through construction details and poor compartmentalization of stair and elevator shaft enclosures as the primary deficiencies leading to the moisture problems. The results of the investigation and analysis were presented to the GSA staff and the building administration. BSC was retained to perform periodic site review and supervise performance testing during remedial work to address the issues identified.