Bedford Habitat Farmhouse

BSC Role
Bedford, MA

The Farmhouse retrofit is a combination of the renovation of an existing farmhouse and the new construction of a single-story, three bedroom and full bath accessible unit connected to the rear of the farmhouse. Both old and new constructions alike are equipped with high performance enclosures and high efficiency mechanical systems. Many specific window installation, eave and porch details were created and implemented in order to integrate the restoration of the home’s original aesthetic with the application of four inches of rigid insulation to both the walls and the roof. On the interior of the home, existing chases are used to route ductwork while the newly insulated basement houses the mechanical system. The 1,500 square foot farmhouse operates using 40% less energy than a home built to code in 2009. The 1,300 square foot single-story unit, built with similar enclosure and mechanical systems, uses 50% less energy.

Percent Energy Use Reduction
Whole House