Airport Facilities

Services Provided
Various Locations

Beginning in 2010 and continuing through the end of 2015, BSC was retained to assess multiple airport facilities located throughout the country. The assessed facilities typically included an air traffic control tower and its associated base building. While many of the control towers and base buildings had active enclosure problems, the overall goal of the assessments was to provide an overall facility review concentrating on water leakage, condensation, and durability issues. Any active enclosure problems were investigated as part of the assessment. While on site, building construction details were reviewed with facility teams, and intrusive disassembly was performed at selected locations to verify the construction. Common issues found throughout the facilities included deteriorated flashing and sealant, constructed details modified from the design drawings, condensation on interior surfaces, and deteriorated surface coatings and cracked concrete on exterior walkways. All site assessments included recommendations for remediation.