RR-0407: Installing a Window with Building Paper on OSB over Wood Frame Wall

Effective Date

This report presents a 3D window installation sequence with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to effectively install a window using building paper as the drainage plane. These details were published in Water Management Guide; Building Science Press, 2006.


Step 1: OSB on wood frame wall

Step 2: Install wood backdam

Step 3: Mechanically attach strip of building paper at sill; attach at top only, leave sides and bottom loose

Step 4: Apply first piece of adhesive-backed sill flashing; apply second piece of adhesive-backed sill flashing

Step 5: Install corner flashing patches at sill

Step 6: Install building paper at jambs

Step 7: Apply sealant at jambs and head; alternatively, sealant can be placed on the back side of the nailing flange (back-caulked)

Step 8: Install window; install jamb flashing then head flashing

Step 9: Install first course of building paper under sill flashing

Step 10: Install second course of building paper at jambs

Step 11: Install third course of building paper at jambs

Step 12: Install fourth course of building paper at head