DTW: Greensburg, KS - House Plan

Effective Date

The Greensburg, KS house is a 1,350 square foot, one-and-a-half story single-family detached house with three bedrooms, two baths, and an 816 square foot basement located in Greensburg, KS (Mixed-Humid Climate). It features a vented roof with 2” air space, R-30 cellulose insulation and 1” XPS rigid insulation, and a vented attic with R-38 cellulose insulation. The walls consist of 1 ½” XPS rigid insulation and R-19 cellulose insulation in the stud cavities, with 2” of closed-cell spray foam insulation at the rim joist. The foundation wall is insulated with 2” foil-faced polyisocyanurate rigid insulation on the interior and the slab is uninsulated.

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