August 3, 2012

The use of exterior insulation is an effective means to increase the overall thermal resistance of wall assemblies that also has other advantages of improved water management and often increased air tightness of the building. However, the engineering basis and support for this work has not been conducted, resulting in obstacles for building official and building code acceptance Additionally, the water management and integration of window systems, door systems, decks, balconies, and roof-wall intersections have not been adequatley developed. This gap also stands in the way of wider deployment.

This research project developed baseline engineering analysis to support the installation of thick layers of exterior insulation (2” to 8”) on existing masonry walls and wood framed walls through the use of wood furring strips (fastened through the insulation back to the structure) as a cladding attachment location. Furthermore, water management details necessary to connect the exterior insulated wall asemblies to roofs, balconies, decks, and windows were created to provide guidance on the integration of exterior insulation strategies with other enclosure elements.


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