Christopher Schumacher's picture

Christopher Schumacher is recognized as an expert in the field of building monitoring and building systems and enclosure testing. He has led the design, installation and analysis of monitoring systems for over 25 projects in over a dozen states and countries as far abroad as Mongolia and New Zealand. Mr. Schumacher pioneered the use of the gravimetric balance to study the moisture performance of full scale wall systems, and has received awards for his role in several major ASHRAE research projects. In addition to his expertise in monitoring and testing, he has a breadth of knowledge founded on his formal education in both architecture and engineering, as well as over a decade of experience in design, computer simulation, and forensic investigation. Even before LEED was widely adopted in Canada, Mr. Schumacher served as a “green design facilitator,” guiding design teams through the process of creating energy efficient, comfortable, durable, economical and environmentally responsible buildings, including one university laboratory that achieved 73% savings over the reference building.

Mr. Schumacher firmly believes in creating buildings that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable – and he pursues the continuous development of building science to this end. On, he has shared his expertise in Building Science Digests and numerous Research Reports.