Betsy Pettit's picture

Betsy Pettit is the president of Building Science Corporation and is a registered architect with over 35 years of professional experience. Prior to joining Building Science Corporation, she was a project architect/ project manager for several Boston architectural firms where she was responsible for the design and production and/or renovation of over 2,000 units of housing, and several area office and commercial buildings. Ms. Pettit is currently the project manager for Building Science Corporationʼs Building America project, involving system design for over 2,000 high performance houses nationwide. Ms. Pettit has given seminars on the subjects of healthy and environmentally responsible housing to builders and architects around the country. She is the former Director of Modernization and Redevelopment in the public housing division of the Commonwealthʼs Executive Offices of Communities and Development, where she oversaw in excess of $120M of building improvements to the Commonwealthʼs 40,000 units of public housing. Based on Ms. Pettitʼs “notable contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture,” she was elected to The College of Fellows of The American Institute of Architects in February 2008.

Ms. Pettit has contributed to many procedural and technical manuals and to papers published in building journals and elsewhere. These documents serve as guidelines to designers and contractors around the country.