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The expanded second edition of The ASHRAE Guide for Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates triples the size of this popular reference, adding information on building enclosures, dehumidification, sustainability, mold avoidance, energy reduction, and much more—all tightly focused on the needs of owners, architects, and engineers who build and manage buildings in hot and humid climates.

The book includes six chapters that discuss critical crosscutting issues for architecture, engineering, and building management along with eleven chapters of detailed and practical solutions to everyday problems in each area. This expanded second edition provides a richly illustrated summary of the state of the art in building science, moisture management, and techniques for reducing energy consumption in hot and humid climates, all based on real-world field experience as well as on recent ASHRAE research.

The expanded second edition is written and illustrated by Lew Harriman, the lead author of ASHRAE's well-known Humidity Control Design Guide, and by Joe Lstiburek, ASHRAE Fellow and the author of the irreverent and popular Building Science column in the ASHRAE Journal.

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