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May 12, 2009
Very Cold Hot-Humid Mixed-Humid Marine Hot-Dry/Mixed-Dry Cold


Supporting framing around windows (left); additional savings could be realized by redesigning the wall with a single upper beam supporting the roof above the upper windows (right



Supporting framing around windows.


Description of Implementation Error

Framing used to support and distribute the load around the windows.



Incorporating Advanced Framing techniques around the windows would greatly reduce the wood required below the top plate of the upper story, and it’s estimated that between $500 and $750 in material costs could be saved in this example alone had a single beam been used directly under the roof trusses.


Required Corrections

The amount of wood could be reduced using the same wall design, but even more significant savings could be had if the wall was redesigned with a single upper beam that supports the roof above the upper windows shown in the second photograph below left.

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