Building Science Corporation
May 12, 2009
Very Cold Hot-Humid Mixed-Humid Marine Hot-Dry/Mixed-Dry Cold


Identify a load bearing header (left) vs. non-load bearing header (right)



Excessive framing in a non-load bearing wall above a sliding glass door (above left), in a non-load bearing door opening (above right)



Excessive framing in a non-load bearing wall above a window (above left) and in a non-load bearing wall above a bay window (above right)



Framing non-load bearing doors and windows the same as load bearing walls.


Description of Implementation Error

Extra framing used around non-load bearing windows and doors throughout building.



Incorporating Advanced Framing techniques around the windows would greatly reduce the wood required below the top plate of the upper story, and it’s estimated that between $500 and $750 in material costs could be saved in this example alone had a single beam been used directly under the roof trusses.


Required Corrections

Identify non-load bearing walls and use Advanced Framing techniques to reduce the amount of wood required around windows and doors.